01 Trading business

We build the original network connecting Japan and all over the worlds, and supply various articles to all the countries.

It mainly develops in Asia and Europe. We aim to expand the business of the entire company through collaboration of the EC business.

And we will prepare all follow-up systems from purchase to sales to customers and also provide highly satisfying service.

02 E-Commerce Business

Currently, e-commerce (Online shop) is growing rapidly.

Everyone possible to use the internet to purchase any product "easily and speedily" in the all over the world.

03 Worker dispatch business

We dispatch temporary staff, referrals and mediation according to the needs of client companies.

Everyday, busineess is changing, so we answer such a voices. "Need suitably staffs for new business."

and "Want to secure workers as soon as possible." etc..

04 Consulting business

Consulting brings back the information gained from the dialogue with the customer, finds the issue, makes it a document, and ties it to the solution.

We will build a strategy that will also serve as a company's corporate body with customers, and we will support prosperity with "customer first".